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Bio Background of Sculptor Patricia Crane

A clay in progress by sculptor Patricia Crane

Sculptor Patricia Crane  - from miniature to monumental, museum collections to tabletop.

Patricia Crane, internationally acclaimed  as a sculptor, for her life-like portraits, has achieved fame in the United States for her remarkable life size bronzes installed in front of The International Museum in Kentucky and in front of the American Saddlebred Museum.

 Life size bronze bysculptor  Patricia Crane, for the International Museum.Patricia Crane has worked in a wide variety of media, including charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil, lithography and ceramics. But it is as a sculptor that her talent has been most spectacularly realized. The skill with which Patricia vividly captures the spirit and movement of her subjects is the heart of her work, to which she gracefully adds a very sensitive attention to detail and precise anatomical accuracy, which totals extreme accuracy enhanced by a "felt" relationship between human and animal.  This is the trademark of work by this sculptor.

Patricia is justly celebrated for her compelling realism as  a sculptor.  Indeed, the honesty of her works is no accident. Crane a rider since a small child, has owned, shown and professionally trained horses...known them intimately; studied them  Sculptor Patricia Crane correcting a wax prior to casting a bronze. closely; analyzed their anatomy carefully; admired them deeply.  Her appreciation is not limited to a particular breed or type, but rather embraces the full spectrum of equine endeavor.

Over the years working as a sculptor, Patricia Crane has devised a  personal system of measurement which has proven invaluable in realizing her personal vision.  Integrity of form and structure to carry and express the heart and spirit of horses deep within themselves is the very core of the visual language of this well-known and collected sculptor.

Sculptor Patricia Crane working on the patina of a life size bronze.Recent trends in the world of sculpting have often attempted to emphasize a sense of movement at the expense of structural reality, an approach which Patricia deeply feels proves ultimately disappointing. The heart of the individual animal informs and creates expression through a body conformed precisely for that purpose. The finished work of Patricia Crane could, if alive, move like the real life counterpart, and the viewer experiences the energy and essence of that particular animal.

Patricia Crane has long enjoyed world wide appreciation, as a sculptor for her much beloved work, which may be found in museums, and in both public and private collections throughout the world including Sculptor Patricia Crane and studio cat-friend. the United States, South Africa, Haiti, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, South Africa, England, Canada and New Zealand.

The artworks of Patricia Crane have been featured in national and international art-world and horse-publications. Crane has received a Commendation from the Governor of Indiana and has been recognized by the award of Kentucky Colonel by the State of Kentucky, for her services in that state as a sculptor.

Patricia also provides sought after resin sculpture awards for major equestrian competitions in North America and is devotedly involved with, the internet portal that provides extremely reasonable ads and promotion to all facets of the equine industry globally, offering assistance to shows, events, exhibitors, trainers, breeders, owners, rescue organizations, and horse-related businesses.

Four Decades of Artwork by Sculptor Patricia Crane

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