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Saddlebred bronze sculpture at Kentucky Horse Park.
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The Saddlebred in Museums:

Through the centuries since the origins of the breed, the Saddlebred has inspired many artists. With a distinctive high head carriage, extreme leg action and long neck, coupled with the fact the breed has two acquired gaits (now innate potentials) in addition to the three natural gaits all horses have, plus the combination of utter elegance with the ability to do, and it is no wonder creative people have found the Saddlebred to be a breed and a subject of enduring interest.
American Saddlebred immediately after a horse show class.
Saddlebred Bronze

"After the Class"
American Saddlebred 3 Gaited
3 Gaited Saddlebred

Walk-Trot elegance with typical alert expression, and utter refinement.

American Saddlebred World Champion 5-Gaited
American Saddlebred Artwork

The Five-Gaited ASB and the gait this breed is famous for - with only one hoof on the ground.
American Saddlebred Fine Harness Horse
Fine Harness Horse

A time honored discipline within the Saddlebred show ring world, this winner sports a tri-color.
Portrait of American Saddlebred WGC The Phoenix
Life Size Bronze Horse - Ky. Horse
Park International Museum

Follow the text and photos in this section to understand the steps needed in the creation of such large scale works.
Monument in front of the American Saddlebred Museum
Life Size Horse Sculpture - Saddlebred Museum

A life size portrait in bronze was created of the world famous stallion Supreme Sultan and placed before the front doors of the Museum. Sultan was later buried underneath.
American Saddlebred stallion Supreme Sultan's resin head study.
Supreme Sultan Resin

Portrait bust of Sultan in resin. See article below for life time photos and information about this stallion.
Amercian Saddlebred Victory Pass miniature set.
Show Ring Miniatures Set

The traditional Victory Pass with rider, roses and the groom with the trophy.

Saddlebred Equine Articles, Essays
Logo of Saddle and Bridle Magazine. Read Saddlebred Equine Articles articles from SADDLE & BRIDLE MAGAZINE, the oldest name in Saddlehorse Magazines. American Saddlebred history, famous horses, training and equine health. A wealth of copyrighted articles first published in Saddle and Bridle magazine are reprinted here with their permission for your enjoyment.

You will enjoy the Saddle & Bridle articles written by people in the industry. The words of Saddlebred trainers are always welcome, like the Wisdom of Smith Lilly or Arthur Simmons Legendary Horseman. American Saddlebred history has a rich tradition, shared in the articles Last Call for Belle Beach and The Ringo and Tom Bass. Then there are stories of famous Saddlebred individuals such as  Anglo Rex Peavine.

Photo of bay color for genetics article.

Equine Color Genetics - Coat color variables in horses and genetics by Lynn Weber

 American Saddlebred workout on the rail.

 Saddlebreds: Judging - written by trainer Kevin Eltringham
American Saddlebred Supreme Sultan as a young stallion.

Supreme Sultan - Historical Article about the Famous Stallion (Based on a Ross Millin written article, with words and rare pastels added by sculptor, Patricia Crane.) Thank you Ross!
Rescue a Saddlebred!!
 American Saddlebred workout on the rail.
 Saddlebred Rescue - Learn about this rescue organization, where Saddlebreds slated for slaughter can be returned to a purposeful life. Wonderful work an wonderful stories about real-life ASB horses.

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