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Stupendous horse show trophies and awards are very hard to locate.

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(See larger images and shopping cart below.)

Affordable resin sculpture, as horse show trophies, comes from the same sculptor who created
life size bronzes for the Kentucky Horse Park. Bases are slanted to accept engraved plates.

Sizes of awards range from 8 to 11 inches tall including base.

Unlike most resins on the market, with this work "the horses are tall and the bases
are small", although the base is nicely designed to hold engraved pates.

Also for those sought-after Memorial Trophies or Perpetual Show Trophies or
Year End Awards, ask any local carpenter to construct a larger/taller wooden base for the
bottom of your trophy so as to include many years of engraved plates.
(See photo below.)

No quick commercial stains are used for coloring; each is delicately hand-painted.

Some stock always available, but order early for a large volume .
Please email Patricia early, about show deadlines and volume needed.

Our trophies and awards are collector's items as well as exceptionally beautiful.

We hope you enjoy our collection of Show Trophies and Awards as much as Patricia is enjoying creating them. We know from personal emails how much exhibitors enjoy winning them and then LIVING with them -- from world championships, to state fairs, local shows or year end honors UPHA and USEF awards.


 (Check back yearly for additional selections.)  The current work in progress is a Friesian!

Horse Trophies named Sonata,  by Patricia Crane.   A personable horse-person's trophy, this pose has endeared itself to exhibitors and is very valued beyond the winning, once home, by those who spend their lives with horses.

Titled "Sonata" --10 " tall x 8 "on a 5" square base.

$ 150.00 plus $30 shipping.

Contact us with lots of notice about deadlines if you need a large volume for your show or year end awards.


 Horse awards of a Foal sculpted by Patricia Crane.   Who in the world of horses does not love the foals?   This foal is perfectly in scale to all the older horses here.  Of course the foal is smaller, as babies are, so less material is used and the price is a bit lower.  Size does not equal might, but lower prices on show trophies are always welcome.

Titled "Prelude" --
7 ¾ " tall x 4 ¼ " wide on a 4 " square base.

$95.00 plus $30 shipping.

The foal along with any other in the  collection make a GREAT set! And no one can win too many of these awards!

Horse show trophies, Nocturne, by Patricia Crane.   The alert and majestic look of a show horse is never amiss for awards
of any kind.  This one looks even better when seen in person, from all angles, instead of from only a photograph. Since the pose of the neck is fairly vertical,  it's a bit taller so there is more resin material used, and so
 it must cost just a tiny bit more.

Titled "Nocturne" --11 1/2 inches tall x 8 3/4 inches wide on a 5 inch square base.

$ 155.00 plus $30 shipping.

All show trophies and awards are signed by the artist, and are collectibles.

 Horse show trophies Champion by Patricia Crane.   A perfect head set of a show winner in motion on the rail, making a great pass, perhaps a Victory Pass.  This sculpture for show awards, is medium size and not quite the same scale as all the others, even though it's a mature horse; therefore it has a great price point.

Titled "Flare" --8 1/2 inches tall 4 1/2 inches long, on a 4 inch square base.

$ 120.00 plus $30 shipping.

All of the awards are always personally prized for a life time by exhibitors and each of them looks super in the home, placed with other trophies or as a stand alone focus piece on any item of furniture as well as in any office.

Arabian horse awards, by Patricia Crane   The wonderful classic Arabian confirmation and spirit are captured in these equine awards.  From any angle this one speaks volumes to all who love the breed, from beginning riders to professionals and long time breeders.  This one is sculpted in the same scale as the foal depicted higher on the page.

Titled "Dalla Luce" --9 3/4 inches tall x 8 inches on a 5 inch square base.

$ 150.00 plus $30 shipping.

These trophies clearly display the quiet nobility of the breed. Contact us with lots of notice about deadlines if  volume is needed, because our work is hand done.

 Memorial horse show trophies by Patricia Crane.   SAMPLE PHOTO OF A MEMORIAL TROPHY
(Kindly shared by a happy customer.)

Your local woodworkers, carpenters, cabinet makers, even local trophy shops, etc., can quite easily construct a larger base to go under the trophy sculpture, for Memorial or Perpetual trophies.  Then you have all the room you could wish to add many engraved plates on the sides and back with a lovely front plate on which to place the trophy name, class, etc.

Such designs provide very lovely trophies and/or awards!


Thank you for considering
our Show Trophies and Awards!

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