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Three Gaited Saddlebred Bronze

    Title of 3 Gaited Saddlebred Sculpture shown Below :  ACCOLADE

The 3 Gaited Saddlebred is the very essence of refinement in the world of American Saddlebreds.
Patricia Crane's large bronze portraits at the Kentucky Horse Park are very well known, but her art in general is widely recognized for it's anatomical exactness and for always capturing the ever-present elegance of the individual Saddlebred. The superb refinement of the 3 Gaited Saddlebred lends itself well to the expression which has become this sculptor's trademark.

The 3 Gaited bronze below clearly displays a unique individuality that combines an elegance in form and individual spirit. The 3 Gaited Saddlebred exhibits fineness and collection, with energy being directed toward animation and precision rather than speed.  3 Gaited Saddlebreds are exhibited in the show ring with a shaved mane to accentuate their fine, long necks and elegant bodies.
3 Gaited Saddlebred bronze sculpture titiled Accolade
Photo By Mike Davis


Museum quality 3 Gaited Saddlebred bronze edition of 50 - email or call for current pricing.

Measurements are 9.5 inches tall x 6.5 inches long, plus walnut base.

The "fineness" of a three gaited Saddlebred, displays elegance and
polished perfection to the acclaim of all horse lovers. This mare's
kind eye and "heads up" expression define the word exquisite.

(The head study displays the trimmed mane to further
highlight the classic lines of the "walk-trot"  or 3 Gaited horses.)

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The work of sculptor Patricia Crane often features American Saddlebred Horses so it is only fitting that the 3 Gaited head study ( shown above )is a popular example within the greater collection of her work.

The Saddlebred is internationally known as a gaited show ring star who possesses a natural and outstanding ability to perform two additional gaits of the 'slow gait' and the 'rack'. No other gaited breed can compare to their animation and speed. Yet the 3  Gaited Saddlebred remains one of the most elegant horses in the world today.

Patricia's life size sculptures are very well known and smaller of her artworks are in collections in many countries. Other of her sculptures can be viewed by using the links on the blue navigational panel on the upper left . Patricia has worked in many media, from bronze to porcelain and the rare Raku, to hand-painted pewter and resin.

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