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A 5 Gaited Bronze Saddlebred for the Kentucky Horse Park

Title of bronze shown below :  CH THE PHOENIX - 5 Gaited Sadddlebred Multi-Champion

This 5 Gaited Bronze Saddlebred portrait, was fondly called "The Horse-Park-Horse" , by the public and the press on the day the life size work was installed  outside the front doors of the International Museum in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Horse Park.

The value of the smaller 5 Gaited bronze Saddlebred below, is greater than other works by Patricia Crane in the same scale, because it is a duplicate of the larger, life size  portrait of a  specific and well-remembered and love, many-titled champion
5 gaited Saddlebred.

Bronze horse, editon of The Phoenix
Photo By Mike Landis

The Phoenix

Museum Quality Bronze Horse Edition of 20 - email or call for current pricing.

20.5 inches tall x 25 inches long, mounted on a walnut base.

The dynamic presence of five time Word Champion 5 Gaited Saddlebred,
The Phoenix, is well-portrayed here.  A life sized portrait, which this
work duplicates, stands at the entrance to the International
Museum, in Lexington, at the Park.

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)

The 5 gaited bronze Saddlebed came about because the Park requested of sculptor Patricia Crane that she sculpt for this site "a steed with a legend". The Phoenix sported a unique personality and championship titles spanning nine consecutive years, from his first show appearance to his last.

The Phoenix won as many hearts as he did ribbons. As a 5 Gaited bronze Saddelbred he delights thousands of fans who never had a chance to know him in life and stands as a memorial to a grand individual. The 1/5 scale bronze, displayed below is an exact duplication of the larger work. Patricia is a sculptor well-known for her exact and true to life portraits. Her work is in collections world wide, both public and private. She has worked in many media but her fame was first established by her bronze work.

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