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Fine Harness Horse Champion in Sculpture

  Title of the Fine Harness bronze shown below: TRIUMPH

The Fine Harness horse sculpture, displayed below, is museum quality, and an unusual collector's piece that captures the fine elegance and heart of a show champion in harness, 'set up' and sporting the tri-color.

The Fine Harness Horse sculpture below captures the magic of the individual horse who can wear a harness well and who
displays a fine spirited inner style,. Their brilliance of action in fine harness is suitable, they can move and "look through the bridle", and are competitive in the fine harness horse classes of today's show world. Patricia Crane has been sculpting horses for decades and her work is well known -- from life size portraits at the Kentucky Horse Park, to smaller works in collections world wide.

Fine Harness Horse Sculpture, a proven winner.

Triumph in Fine Harness, with championship ribbon.
Photo By Mike Davis


Museum quality Fine Harness Horse sculpture Edition of 50 - email or call for current pricing.

The measurements are 9½ inches tall x 7 inches long, plus walnut base

The Fine Harness Horse is the peacock of the show ring. His
harmony of motion and form in harness are unimpeachable. His entrance
 into the show ring brings restrained fine style, with fire, combined with the
elegance of a by-gone day. This  winner is proudly sporting the tri-color of a champion.

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The Harness horse has long been valued in world history and were well-used partners in mankind's efforts to establish his civilizations. However, the pride of driving a 'fine' and more stylish animal in harness was established in the heart of man only shortly after the fact of the horse's powers of utility in harness. In these days, horses are often driven for pleasure, but in the world of the show ring, the most elegant of harness horses are shown in fine harness.

In such Fine Harness classes , horses display more animation and brilliance than in other driving classes and sport a natural mane and tail. Hitched to a four wheeled buggy, they perform at a fine animated walk, and an elegant but animated park trot. In Fine Harness, manners and brilliance are top considerations in judging. How does he "wear the harness" and look through the bridle? Does he display that fine high style along with manners? Valued over speed, such elegance, animated movements and style have become in many cases a symbol for our own.

Patricia Crane has been sculpting horses for decades and her work is well-known, being in many private, public and museum collections in many countries of the world Other art works, in many sculptural media may be viewed by using the blue menu on the upper left, including life size works.

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