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  Title of Hackney Pony Bronze shown below:   MAN ON THE TOWN

A Hackney Pony sculptures must capture the magic of the hackney, in harness or under saddle, which never fails to thrill the audience with the precision and the piston-like quickness of extreme leg action at the trot. 

The sculpture of Patricia Crane, including her Hackney Pony sculptures, are museum quality bronze. Patricia's sculpture has long been well-known for its exactness of conformation as well as for capturing the personality and spirit. The qualities of a world class Hackney Pony lend themselves to portrayal in this sculptor's trademark work. The elegance of the Hackney Pony and the elegance with which Patricia embodies her sculptures enhance each other nicely.

Hackney Pony sculptures such as displayed below, which portrays a great World Champion Hackney with his personal charisma, capture the feel of suspended motion, combined with the animated power and supreme gracefulness of the very best Hackney ponies who wear harness in the show ring.

Hackney Pony Sculptures: Titled Man on the Town, cob tail without harness
Photo By Mike Davis

Man on the Town

Museum quality bronze Hackney Pony Sculptures edition of 10 - email or call for current pricing.

15" tall x 16" long, plus walnut base.

"Look at me!" his bearing commands. With perfect form of motion and
balance, this hackney pony struts his stuff. Certainly a "man about town",
his unparalleled style and show pony "attitude" are unmistakable from
his first step to his last. A World Champion, he holds his audience
breathless until they cheer their approval.

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)

Hackney sculptures must take into consideration that often the entire body of a Hackney pony seems suspended in motion and the front hoof and rear pastern often touch the upper body while trotting. Such Hackney Pony sculptures, often depict the highest point of the animated trot when the Hackney seems to display an actual, brief suspension of motion before the leg is lowered.  Although small, the Hackney Pony is mighty and his presence and utter fineness of body lines is that of royalty with the harness seeming to be only the decoration of royalty.

From the moment the Hackney enters the show ring to the moment he exits, the contained explosive energy is magnificent
and this is the energy-feeling that Hackney Pony sculptures must also provide to the viewer or collector.. 

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