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A Harness Pony Star of the Show Ring

  Title of Bronze shown below: RISIN' TIDE

Harness Pony sculptures, in our sculpture collection, include this lovely Hackney Cob Tail pony. Sculptures such as this convey that  when sitting behind a harness pony, a Cob Tail  (if you are ever so lucky), you might suddenly begin to think the earth is flat after all, and that your pony is taking you right to the edge -- such is the energetic force of a Hackney, a pony who is willing to be contained by harness and communication through the lines, or reins!

Harness pony sculptures displayed on this site, are museum quality. This sculpture was displayed by the International Museum in Kentucky for a full year, the same park for which this sculptor also created a couple of life size portraits. One casting of the pony below, is also an AHSA perpetual USA national award.

Harness Pony Sculptures titled Risin' Tide.
Photo By Mike Davis

Risin' Tide

One casting of this edition is an ASHA  National Perpetual Award

Museum quality Harness Pony sculptures bronze edition of 10 - email or call for current pricing.

14 inches tall by 14 inches long, plus walnut base.

The rising tide of a harness pony like this Hackney is a force that cannot be denied.
If you are privileged to ride behind  such a magical pony in harness,
you will suddenly become aware that the earth really is flat and you are
approaching its edge. Then the pony's mouth on the lines
reassures you that the world is at your fingertips.

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To view a showing harness pony, a Hackney Cob-Tail , in the  ring is a sight you will not soon forget - extremely high action in both fore and hind legs, snappy precision of motion, with a proud yet disciplined carriage of head and a display of constant, consistent, agile alertness. These ponies are small in build, standing around 58 inches, or 14.2 hands, at the withers but their presence is mighty.

A hackney pony in the modern show world is mostly shown in harness. There are many types of  harness classes, where this pony shines, and many combinations of hitch. The finest in precision and high style is the cob tail pony in harness, with the hair of his tail trimmed , and his mane braided to make his fine Hackney lines apparent to all and to emphasize the motion of the form and verve of the pony with no other distractions.

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