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  Title of work below:  ODYSSEY

Bronze horse statues began to be created not long after man met this magical creature. While bronze is the favorite material of serious sculptors, many other materials have also been used to try to capture the magic of  horses.

The bronze horse statues created by Patricia Crane, are extremely well known. The famous Park in Lexington Kentucky sports two life size bronze horse statues and many other sizes are in collections in many other countries. Many of these statues  can be viewed from the links on the blue panel to your left.  The edition displayed below, clearly shares an inner and outer majesty, evidenced by the expressive face, the proud carriage of the neck, but even more important is simply how being around this steed makes you feel.

Horse Bronzes edition titled Odyssey
Photo By Mike Davis


Museum quality bronze horse statues, edition of 50 - email or call for current pricing.

The sculpture measures 8-1/4 inches tall x 6 inches long, plus walnut base.

From birth to old age, these wondrous creatures have shared an odyssey
with man.  This noble face and proud carriage speak of generations of
fidelity, courage, and wholeness of spirit, captures in a single bronze horse statue.

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)

Bronze horse statues are often considered by sculptors in general to be difficult to achieve with great success. The subject
after all, has four legs, head and tail , which must all come out a  mold with precision -- not an easy task. However,
those devoted to living with or creating bronze statues  will spend any number of hours to achieve not only good horse statues, but
also that special portrayal  that truly captures the balanced conformation.

Bronze horse statues must also capture the spirit.  Both conformation and personality must be present to a high degree in the best
 statues.  Patricia Crane's early skill was to create a true to life portrait in all of her work. Through the years of experience
other of her sculptor's skills were honed, and many top honors were achieved, but no award has provided the utter pleasure
 of simply sculpting excellent work and creating museum quality bronze horse statues!

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