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 Bronze Horses...for a lifetime and beyond - Art for the Ages.

Bronze Sculpture by Patricia Crane.
    The art of sculptor Patricia Crane, features life size bronze horses for museums.

Bronze horses, timeless and true!

Elegant yet anatomically precise, Patricia's museum quality bronze horses unforgettably capture, in molten metal, the strength, the "aliveness", and very spirit of horses.

This casting metal, or alloy has been the medium of choice for many equestrian masterworks throughout the ages. And this most enduring of metals is the greatest test of the sculptor's skill, utterly demanding of the artist's time, talent and dedication.

The following pages present a representative sampling of Patricia's bronze horses:


Featured Bronze Horses:

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Bronze Horses Portrait of The Phoenix
5 Gaited Bronze Saddlebred
1/5 scale portrait of "The Phoenix"
a multi-titled Champion.

Caledvwlch - the Listening Horse
Bronze Head Study
"Caledvwlch", the whispering horse. An expressive head study, beloved by horsemen.
After the Class -- saddle off, ready to be cooled out.
Saddlebred Bronze
"After the Class"
A show horse in cross-ties following a class. Saddle off; cooler going on.

Spooked - a mustang in motion.
"Spooked" -- a Mustang, shying with explosive energy from flushed quail.

Because each of the bronze horses is individually hand cast and personally supervised by the artist, please allow 8 - 12 weeks delivery for your Patricia Crane bronze.

The Gathering - grouping of bronze horses 4 feet across.
Bronze Horse Sculpture
"The Gathering", a composition including a stallion and two broodmares, but each may be purchased separately and looks great standing alone.
Bronze horses of aThoroughbred 'Cooling Down' - a Blood-Horse after a workout.
Sporting Art: Thoroughbred
"Cooling Down" - portrays a Thoroughbred just after a race, when blood-horse characteristics are so evident.

Thoroughbred bronze horses - a tribute to greatness.
"Handicap Champion", in memory of Kelso and Forego.

Triumph - wearing the tri-color ribbon.
Fine Harness
"Triumph" in honor of fine harness horses - this one winning the championship ribbon.

Hackney, Man on the Town - the presence of a World Champion in motion.
Hackney Pony - Pony Sculptures
"Man on the Town", 1/5 scale portrait  of the Hackney pony.

Hackney pony, Risin' Tide, winner of ribbons and hearts.
Harness Pony Sculptures
"Risin' Tide", a  winning Cob-Tail Pony.
Bronze horses protray Criterion - displaying a full racking gait.
Saddlebred Art
"Criterion" - This bronze depicts
a full Racking Gait.
Bronze horses study of a Filly - depicts the essence!
 Bronze Filly
"The Filly" - A foal correct in every detail.

Odyssey - grace with power.
Bronze Horse Statues
A 1/5 scale head study on a walnut base, titled "Odyssey".
Accolade - bronze horses showing utter refinement of a 3 Gaited star.
3 Gaited Saddlebred
A most elegant Three  Gaited work, titled "Accolade".


The oldest method known for the casting of bronze, is known in sculpting as the cire perdue (Lost wax) process, in which the mold is formed over a wax model. The wax is then melted out (or lost) to leave the hollow space in which to pour molten metal alloy. Variations of this process, used to create bronze horses today, were practiced in Mesopotamia, Egypt and China many centuries before the Christian era.


Museum quality means the completed casting is very high in over all quality. The thickness of the walls of the bronze horses at any point, should be no more than one fourth of an inch thick. Solid or heavy castings are no longer necessary or desired. There should be NO tool marks on the surface as this detracts from the texture or lack of texture of the sculptor's original and denotes a lack of casting finesse. The patina (or final coloring of the bronze horses) should be achieved with the painstaking, time-consuming layering of actual chemicals that etch into the surface of the metal to provide a depth of color over transparent color - a patination that is achievable no other way.

There are many stages in the creation of sculpting horses, and each stage requires great knowledge, skill, and a very great deal of time for the result to be considered museum quality. Such quality absolutely requires that: a sculptor not only sculpts a competent original but oversees every detail in every stage during the long process, from lst mold to completed casting, and works with exacting and very talented artisans, in a fine arts foundry that pours the right alloy at the right temperatures.


Life size bronze horse sculpture of The PhoenixVisit the Life size Bronze "Phoenix" sculpture  created for The International Museum in Kentucky , for a step by step explanation, in words and images, of the fascinating process of how such bronze horses are created.

Commission for American Saddlebred Museum.See also, the Life size "Supreme Sultan"  created for the American Saddlebred Museum.

Sculptor Info:
Horse Artist - Four Decades of the Art of Bronze Horses by Patricia Crane
Bio of Sculptor Patricia Crane

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