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A Saddlebred Bronze depicts the horse just after a class.

Title of the Saddlebred Bronze shown below - AFTER THE CLASS

Saddlebred Bronze work has long been the passion of sculptor Patricia Crane. This particular work is a great favorite of the collectors of Crane's work , other than her life size bronzes, and also seems to be favored by the public in general. 

A Saddlebred bronze must capture the essence of the subject with great and exacting detail,  infused by the lofty grace, spirit, and constant willingness "to do" that the American Saddlebred horses possess.  The Saddlebred breed is living art, so a bronze of this magical breed must portray the heart, as well as the form.  The creation of a Saddlebred bronze is an accomplishment of long standing skill and pleasure by this sculptor.  Life size Saddlebred  bronzes are installed outside the doors of two museums  in Kentucky while other larger works are privately owned and displayed. Crane has also completed many smaller bronze portraits, treasured by many Saddlebred horse-owners and breeders.  Her work is in private collections throughout many countries of the world.

Saddlebred Bronze titled After Class
Photo By Mike Davis

After the Class

Museum quality Saddlebred  bronze edition of 20 - email or call for current pricing.
10 inches tall x 10 inches long, mounted on walnut.

Following competition, a champion in crossties is draped in a cooler, saddle nearby,
eager for a final grooming and reward for a job well done.

One of Patricia's most popular works, this highly detailed piece offers
a "backstage" glimpse of the show world of the American Saddlebred.

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)


As far as Saddlebred bronze work is concerned, Patricia Crane began sculpting when she was 3 years old and continues a decades long passion combining the aliveness of horses with sculpting. When viewing Bronze Horses Gallery, most are of the American Saddlebred.


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