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   Title of the Saddlebred artwork below: CRITERION

The Saddlebred art of sculptor Patricia Crane has spanned many decades and is treasured in private and public collections across the world. Two of her life size Saddlebred artwork portraits stand in front of two museums in Kentucky.

The museum quality Saddlebred art offered below, captures with utter accuracy of form and exactness of spirit the gait for which the Ameircan Saddlebred is most famous, and for which the breed is unequalled, the full racking gait. Saddlebred artwork is personally as important to the sculptor as to the collector of American Saddlebred Art. The bronze depicts WC Criterion in a full rack - the containment of speed within exact form and the champion flying balanced on one leg according to the progressive syncopation of the racking gait.

Criterion, in Saddlebred art -  Saddlebred artwork in bronze and in the living horse!

Saddlebred Art  titled Criterion
Photo By Mike Davis


Museum quality American Saddlebred art bronze edition of 10 - email or call for current pricing.

19.5 inches tall x 27 inches long, plus walnut base.

Portrayed in motion, this sculpture depicts twelve hundred pounds
of living flame balanced on the tip of one hoof. The full "racking" gait of
a multi-titled World Champion American Saddlebred sets the criterion
for verve, brilliance and exacting artwork.

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)

Patricia has created much in the way of Saddlebred art in many sculptural media and various works can be viewed by returning to the Gallery, the Homepage or using the links below. There are many price ranges and sizes. Quite a few depict Saddlebred artwork,  the ASB both in the show ring and out.

Equine art has existed since Paleolithic times. Saddlebred art has existed since early American Colonial times when this breed came into being. It is no surprise that the American Saddlebred is a favorite subject of artists. The breed's elegance and splendor of heart and stamina coupled with their willingness to partner man has made it so. Their animation and extravagant yet contained motion is already a living Saddlebred artwork fueled by their spirit. How could an artist not respond? The Saddlebred is a natural subject whose form and heart find their way into many art mediums: painting, drawing, photography and sculptural media. Return to, or visit the Bronze Horses Gallery

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