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Sporting Art and the Heart of Thoroughbred Bronze

  Title of the Sporting Art Thoroughbred Bronze Shown below :  COOLING DOWN

Sporting Art is valued the world over, and Thoroughbred bronze is highly colllected.

The sporting art genre Thoroughbred bronze displayed below is by Patricia Crane (see life size bronzes at The Kentucky Horse Park). Other Thoroughbred bronze, sporting art, and artist bio can be seen in other sections of this website. This sculptor's bronzes are of museum quality and are in both private and museum collections the world over.

The elegant but substantive look of a Thoroughbred bronze is as distinctive as the horse itself, with various characteristics evident in various family lines. Throughout centuries and into the future Sporting Art strives to capture, honor and share the nobility of a sporting animal so very deep through the heart - a role model for us all.
Sporting Art Thoroughbred Bronze, titled Cooling Down
Photo By Mike Davis

Cooling Down
Thoroughbred Filly

Museum quality Sporting Art Thoroughbred Bronze edition of 12 - email or call for current pricing.

Measurements are 24 inches high x 24 inches long, plus walnut base.

Even with her task accomplished after the workout, this Thoroughbred
is still "fired up". With distended nostrils and eyes still aglow, her
face expresses the "heart" and substance of a "Blood Horse".

Email Patricia (765-288-0484)

It is safe to say that a Thoroughbred bronze honors  the TB horses, with their consistent heart and courage, that have taken the world by storm as well as the hearts of mankind. It is then no wonder at all that the Thoroughbred being an integral part of the sporting world has meaning to sporting art collectors far beyond any measurable value.

The sporting art world of the equine includes individual sports but the Thoroughbred in sheer class and accomplishment excels outstandingly. Sporting art can include racing and fox hunting  but both require speed, agility and the willingness to do, or heart and stamina.  There are many warmblood horses today, but most all were developed with Thoroughbred blood and all strive for the characteristics displayed by the Thoroughbred and depicted by a Thoroughbred bronze.  To succeed in sporting activities involving horses, those characteristics are extremely desirable, hence the ongoing popularity of Thoroughbred bronze in all sporting art.  Equine Sporting artists strive to depict those same valued characteristics in their themes -- the same themes that endear horses to man in every instance of their long time partnership.

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