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  Title of bronze shown below : THOROUGHBRED HANDICAP HORSE

Horse racing sculpture and art, is a genre as old as mankind's efforts to breed fast horses.

The Horse racing sculpture displayed below is an early tribute by an internationally known sculptor whose life was influenced from childhood on by the deepness of heart and nobility of character of so many racing handicap champions of the turf. The Thoroughbred art below honors champions of the field and steeplechasing and the personal champions of her own stable and her own heart.

This artist's heart remains engaged with Horse Racing sculpture and Thoroughbred art although she has also created life size bronzes of show horses for The Kentucky Horse Park.  Horse racing  sculpture and the living art of the Thoroughbred is an ongoing passion.

The days preceding and including the racing days of Kelso and Forego inspired the creation of the Thoroughbred art bronze shown below, but the ongoing nobility of the Thoroughbred continues to inspire us all in so many ways, including the many depictions of horse racing  sculpture throughout the world.

Thoroughbred in horse Racing art edition titled Kelly
Photo By Patricia Crane

Handicap Thoroughbred

Bronze not available at this time.

This Thoroughbred art is a tribute to the many handicap stars of racing who,
with great heart and stamina, give so generously of themselves.

 Thoroughbred  horse racing sculpture is so well beloved, but there are very few competitive areas in the equine world where one does not find the Thoroughbred as a supreme sporthorse (dressage, hunters, jumpers, eventing, carriage, etc).  It is no wonder Thoroughbred art works have followed the breed. The heart and class of the Thoroughbred is not only evident in racing tracks of the world,  and horse racing sculpture, but in every endeavor in which the Thoroughbred is asked to perform. And aside from the racing world, these individuals are also treasured as family riding horses. Thoroughbred Art works  in any media capture the sentiment and the memory.

The sport of racing is followed world wide, but the value of the Thoroughbred goes  far beyond their success on the racing tracks and fields.   Still the raw courage, stamina and deep heart of the racing handicap horses and their repeated years of service in racing cannot be given too high of a tribute, hence the clear and deep felt inspiration for this sculpture edition.

Horse racing sculpture really took off with the establishment of the Thoroughbred as a breed and the stupendous difference that made to racing because Thoroughbred horses can achieve  speeds around 40 miles and hour for a distance of a mile and hold undisputed reign as king of racing.  So it is no surprise that  horse racing art depicting the racing world and race horses are popular the world over.

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