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Founded in 1927, Saddle & Bridle is the oldest of all equine publications in the United States.

Today, Saddle & Bridle has become accepted as the leader by professional horseman and exhibitors alike. Each month readers check show records, sire ratings, sales results, and eagerly read equine articles about Saddlebreds and other show horses to better inform themselves of some of the most demanding competition in the show ring.

Saddle & Bridle features prized and beautiful Saddlebreds, Hackneys, Shetlands, Standardbred roadster horses and other show breeds at top shows across the country. Over the decades a wealth of informative writing has graced the pages of this publication.

Since it's inception, Saddle & Bridle has continued to serve the show horse world through the Depression and a World War without missing a single issue.

The Saddlebred equine articles re-printed below are still copyrighted and not to be copied or re-printed elsewhere, yet they offer an incredible opportunity to us all. Meet also the authors of the articles who have enriched show history so well and for so long. You are also invited to experience Saddle & Bridle's website from the link provided below.

Saddlebred Horseman's History Equine Articles:

The Ringo and Tom Bass - by Joan Gilbert
Anglo Rex Peavine - by Joan Gilbert
Dr Newberry a Past and Present History with Horses - By Joan Gilbert
Last Call for Belle Beach - by Joan Gilbert
Saddlebreds of England - by Cheryl R. Lutring
Playboy - by Joan Fry
Arthur Simmons Legendary Horseman - By Jane E. Simmons
Arthur Simmons: Part Two - By Jane E. Simmons
Lee Shipman: Kentucky Hall of Fame Trainer - By Jane E. Simmons
The Year that Was: 1956 - By Joan Gilbert
Ed Teater - Part of a Horseman's Dynasty - By Jane Simmons & Charlie Cook
Jane & Lee Fahey - Show World Giants - By Joan Gilbert
Yesterday's Shows - By Joan Gilbert
Saddlebreds in Scandinavia - By Cheryl R. Lutring
A Model Horses Collector Ahead of His Time - By Joan Gilbert
Jim Tapp, Top Trainer of His Day - By Joan Gilbert
John Hook, Trainer - By Joan Gilbert
Ted Macklin: A Life Time as a Trainer (Part One) - By Joan Gilbert
Ted Macklin - Part Two in the life of a Trainer - By Joan Gilbert
Bill Cunningham Remembered - By Joan Gilbert
Horsemen of The Barham Family - By Joan Gilbert

Saddlebred Training Equine Articles:

A Healthy Fear of Horses - by Bonnie J. Hilton
An Unhealthy Fear of Horses - by Bonnie J. Hilton
Overmounting and Peer Pressure - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Safety and Negligence - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Develop your Leg Aids - Part One - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Exercises for Leg Aids - Part Two - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Thoughts about Riding Helmets - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Saddle Seat Equitation Overview - By Sarah White
Wisdom of Smith Lilly - By Alexandra Layos

Equine Articles about Horse Care

Horses and Stalkers - by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Horses at Home - by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Your Stable Team - by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Care and New Technology - By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Horsemen Need Good Neighbors - By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
City Carriage Horses - By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Care in Hot Weather - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Preparing for Death of Equine or Owner - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Helping to Rescue Horses - Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Barn Fires and the Loss of Horses - By Bonnie J. Hilton
Ride Rain or Shine - By Marcella Peyre-Ferry

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