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Horse Jewelry By Breed:

Saddlebred Horse  Designs
   Saddlebred Earrings
   Saddlebred Rings
Arabian Horse Designs
   Arabian Earrings
   Arabian Rings
WesternHorse  Designs
Mare & Foal
Dressage Hunter Jumper Eventing
Draft Horse Jewelry
Morgan Horse Selections
Friesian Horse Jewelry
Hackney Jewelery
Paso Fino Horse Jewelry
Tennessee Walker Jewelry

Horse Jewelry By Style:

Stirrup & Bit Jewelry 
Horseshoe Jewelry
Tie Tack Jewelry
Horse Jewelry Trophy Awards Jewelry Pendants
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Manes Flying Earrings-132
Manes Flying Earrings-132
A stable of accurate earrings of breeds.

Kissing Rings-5007
Kissing Horse Ring-5007
Popular with and without gemstones.

Royal Heart Design pendants-526
Royal Heart Design-526
Double heads form the heart with a gemstone as the heart's core.

Santiago Medallion Pendants-5000
Santiago Medallion-5000
Patron Saint of all horsemen, for protection and luck.

Snaffle Bit rings-307
Snaffle Bit Ring-2019
An icon of the equine industry.
chain too.

Pegasus Pendants Charms-7002
The famous winged steed.

English Stirrup pendant with Gemstones-2000
Sterling Silver English Stirrup-2000
With sapphires or other stones.

Horseshoe Earrings with Birthstones-3007
Earrings - Your Choice of Stones-3007
You choose the stones. Good price and size!

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Our horse jewelry collection offers a "stable" of winners, in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver. We all value equestrian jewelry designs that are original, finely designed and crafted - something that expresses our own appreciation of horses, and that symbolizes our own personal style. To wear our favorite horse jewelry in precious metal, is a distinct pleasure as well as an investment that holds its value.

Beautifully handcrafted for all occasions, each of our designs is an original. Add a sparkle to a special night on the town or compliment a day in jeans with casual elegance and individual flair. We offer some of the most original horse jewelry on the web. We provide the very highest standards of quality and artisanship. We present a collection that will always be in style.

Our horse jewelry collection includes many breeds as well as many designs of each breed  plus many riding disciplines with horses in many poses- AND we offer custom work.

The selections shown are only a small representation of what is available, please allow us to assist you by emailing Patricia.

Horse Jewelry Categories listed below:
Pendant Sets-4508
A selection of most breeds, in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold. Some pendants have gemstones and some don't, but we welcome custom work.

Curb Necklaces, with or without gemstones-4500
Some sets include a gemstone or a Cz. Necklaces always come with a chain!
Snaffle Bit Rings
Horse Jewelry: Shoe Rings with diamonds and other gemstones-3000

Stirrup Earriings Jackets-2003
Earrings for all breeds, Western to English.
Tie Tacks: Show Horses Head
Tie Tack Collection
Not just for men, but also for those who wear ties in shows. A lucky tie tack!

Horse Jewelry: Halter Charms, two sizes-7000
A wide selection of breeds and Tack, in Sterling Silver or Gold charms.

Double Stirrups with Gemstones-2012
Stirrup  & Bit Designs
A fine collection composed of English and Western Stirrups and Bits: pendants, rings, and earrings.

Horseshoe diamond ring
Horseshoe Styles
A little bit of everything, revolving around this theme.
Horse Jewelry: Arabian Spirit pendants-529
Classic designs of the Arabian with wonderful poses.
Horse Jewelry: Saddlebred pendants-114
Designs that feature the Saddlebred and Hackney Pony..

Jumper over diamonds pendants-307
Dressage Hunter Jumper Eventing
Sporthorse Designs.
Horse Jewelry: Western Shoe and Stirrup Pendants-705
Western Horses
Designs for Western breeds and riding disciplines.

Horse Jewelry: Morgan Head study pendants-803
Designs that highlight Morgan Horses.
Horse Jewelry: Frolicking Foal Pendants-6001
Mares & Foals
Many breeds and poses portraying the mare and foal..

Horse Jewelry: Friesian Pendants or Lapel Pins-403
All designs focus on the Friesian.

Draft Mare and foal pendants_1001
Draft Horses
A truly beautiful selection, including the Scotch Bottom Shoe.
Horse Jewelry: styles of bracelets to choose from.
From breed ID bracelets, to stirrups, shoe nails and horseshoes!


Customer Responses:

Dear Patricia,
"I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful were correct in letting me know that heart size would be the right size for my 3 1/2 little finger. It is a perfect fit and looks so beautiful, I am very happy and thrilled with it!!!!  It is a treasure for me and a tribute for how much I love my horses and all horses and will be worn with love and pride every day!  Again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation." Joanne... Saugus, MA

"The pendant arrived and my daughter loves it. So do I. This could be trouble. Both of us are so happy with the life like pose and how you've really captured the Arabian conformation. We sure know who to contact for repeat orders, and it looks like that won't be long!"... Charlene Nix, Scottsdale, AZ

"How do you do so many different breeds and do them so well? Owning three breeds, I am so happy with my jewelry orders, the ring and pendants, because they actually do look like each breed. Thanks so much, I'll be back for more!"... Lynn Kraley, MO

"I've always been afraid to order jewelry off the internet, but I'm emailing to say thanks for the great quality earrings at such a good price. It's hard to find a nice weight piece for the price these days and my jewelry store here at home says it was a very fair price. Of course I love the design and pose.. Thanks for the time you spent answering my questions and making sure my order arrived in time too."... Sally Taylor, Winter Spring, FL

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