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Horse Rings - Fine Jewelry

Hand-crafted and custom designs in Gold or Sterling Silver.

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We offer an extensive range of  horse rings - various breeds, designs and poses and capture the characteristics of each breed in painstaking detail. You may select any ring in either 14K Gold or Sterling Silver . We have many breeds pictured below, but please email if you do not see your favorite breed as we very well may have it in stock. Custom work is also available including stones and the setting of graded stones.

A Collection of Horse Rings

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Aug 1 through Aug 31
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Rings: 2 heads form heart-P3053
Horses Form A Heart -P3053

Wear as it without a gemstone, or add one!

14k Gold - $1053.00
or Sterling Silver - $137.00
Ladies diamond HS-Ph616DS
Ladies Diamonds PLUS Her Favorite Stone- PH616DS

Five Gaited jewelry pendant displays the animated trot of a champion. Look at that hock action and the neck!

14k Gold - $1035.00
Rings: Kissing ring-H2149
Kissing Ring - H2149

No gemstone or you choose your favorite!

14k Gold - $590.00
or Sterling Silver - $72.00
Rings:Ladies HS inset diamonds-H2262D
Inset Diamonds for Ladies-H2262D

Reaches close to the knuckle and is very eye-catching!

14k Gold - $1025.00
Rings: Double Stirrups & stones-H863GDCS

A ring that can't be missed!

14k Gold - $2200.00
Rings:Belt Buckle with CZs_H683CZ
Belt Buckle with CZs-H683CZ

Classy belt buckle with lots of shine.

14k Gold - $1542.00
or Sterling Silver - $335.00
Rings: Diamond HS plus duo_P2554DR
Diamond Horseshoe with 2 Show Horses-P3554DR

Diamond horseshoe between two high-tailed horses.

14k Gold - $1681.00
Rings: Arabian Head-study-H2127

This matches a pendant and earrings too!

14k Gold - $1163.00
or Sterling Silver - $152.00
Rings: champion and winner ribbon-P3499
A Champion & His Ribbon - P3499

The band of this ring is the ribbon!

14k Gold - $1061.00
or Sterling Silver - $138.00
Rings: CZ & d-ring-P3961
CZ and Snaffle- P3961

Sterling Silver and a nice size CZ!

Sterling Silver - $120.00
Rings: Bit and CZ-H617
Bit with Sparkle- H617

Bit in high fashion with CZ for lots of glow!

14k Gold - $827.00
or Sterling Silver - $115.00
Rings: High Fashion Shoe-H605
High Fashion Horseshoe -H605

Newly Fashionable and still lucky.

Sterling Silver - $170.00
Rings: Snaffle bit-H2103R
Standard Snaffle Bit-H2103R

This bit-ring is very popular! Also very realistic.

14k Gold - $455.00
or Sterling Silver - $58.00
Rings: Mare Foal Overlap-P3107TRG
Mare & Colt Overlap - P3107TRG

Your birthstone in the center!

14k Gold - $538.00
Rings Dee Snaffle Bit-H2103
Dee-Ring Snaffle Bit-H2103RB

This snaffle is also a favorite, with good craftsmanship too.

14k Gold - $421.00
or Sterling Silver - $55.00
Rings: Interlocking HShoes-P3935
Intertwined Luck - P3956

This hackney design captures the elegance and syncopated trot of this star of the show world.

14k Gold - $708.00
or Sterling Silver - $91.00
Rings: champion head profile-P39203844A
Show Horse's Profile-P39203844A

Tucked nose and a great profile on a nice band.

14k Gold - $1567.00
or Sterling Silver - $204.00
Rings: decoreatd HS Nail-0119SSCZ
Horseshoe Nail and CZs -0119SSCZ

Decorative patterns plus CZs form a very pretty design.

14k Gold - $607.00
or Sterling Silver - $131.00
Rings: profile and HS-P3616R
A Great Face Plus Good Luck-P3616R

Good luck and good horses go together.

14k Gold - $556.00
or Sterling Silver - $72.00
Rings: Braided leather-P3435
Band Looks like Braided Leather-P3435

Very horsey, and simply elegant!

14k Gold - $674.00
or Sterling Silver - $88.00
Rings: Friesian-P3911R
Friesian -P3911R

A beautiful Friesian and a shaped fit for easy wearing.

14k Gold - $1415.00
or Sterling Silver - $185.00
Rings: Two together-P3469
Two Together Ring- P3469

A lovely scene with two Show Horses.

14k Gold - $640.00
or Sterling Silver - $83.00
Rings: Band with long-tailed champions_P3636
Band with long-Tailed show horses-P3636

A wonderfully designed "band" ring with trotting champions.

14k Gold - $1264.00
or Sterling Silver - $165.00
Rings: Simple HS-P3194
Simple & Elegant- P3194

This designs is a total classic!

14k Gold - $472.00
or Sterling Silver - $61.00
Rings: HS Nail and shoe-P3437
Horseshoe-Nail & Shoe-P3473

One end of the Horseshoe Nail expands into a Horseshoe!

14k Gold - $741.00
or Sterling Silver - $96.00
Rings: braided leather look & snaffle-P3557
Braided Leather Look & Snaffle-P3557

The snaffle on top and all around the look of braided leather.

14k Gold - $522.00
or Sterling Silver - $69.00
Rings: Rearing Beauty-P3114RF
Rearing & Beautiful - P3114RG

A tall ring reaching almost to the knuckle!

14k Gold - $1921.00
or Sterling Silver - $251.00
Rings: Quarter Mile Speed-H2366RG
Quarter Mile Speed-H2366RG

And they're running all the way around the band.

14k Gold - $1247.00
or Sterling Silver - $163.00
Rings: over fences-P3876
Love to Jump-P3876

Curved shape fits nicely and this pair is in motion!

14k Gold - $1078.00
or Sterling Silver - $141.00
Rings: Reining_P9968R
Reiner's Slilde -PCR9968R

Designed to look and feel good!

14k Gold - $3184.00
or Sterling Silver - $413.00
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How a ring fits is of utmost importance to both ease of wearing and to the long life of the design.  The selections you see below are well-designed for beauty and easy wearing.

The history of horse rings begins in the very early days of civilized man. Rings were used to stamp individual seals into the wax that sealed letters and to mark many kinds of documents as official. A favorite of both male and female, the art of personal decoration has always been the height of fashion the world over, throughout all historical ages.

Although we work hard to keep prices current, ALL jewelry prices are subject to change without notice, because the cost of gold and silver constantly fluctuates. However if there is a price change, we will not process your order, but will contact you immediately via email.

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