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Horse Art History Painting -Ovid Among the Scythians, by Delacroix
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The beginnings of the depiction of horses in art history, pre-date the written language of man. Artists began creating images of horses in prehistoric times and the inclination been has around ever since. The horse has captured the attention of man for longer than recorded art history or even just plain old recorded history.

We know that along with other animals, horses were depicted in many ancient cave dwellings in both Europe and north Africa. Whatever the motivation of these early artists might have been, such art history is proof of an early relationship between horse and man. At Niaux, Lascaux, Vallon-ont-D'arc and many sites across Spain and France, ancient rock art is to be found and roughly a third of it all is that of horses!

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Horse Artist: Four Decades of Horse Art by Patricia Crane

 Ancient Civilizations
Early Oriental
 Medieval Times  
Baroque Age
Eighteenth Century
Nineteenth Century
30,000 years before the birth of Christ, an artist was carving a horse amulet in bone!

Shortly after the domestication of horses, between 3000 and 2000 B.C., they played a key role in the expansion of civilization itself, as well as what has been and is, a role in the world of art. History clearly shows this wonderful animal has intrigued the artist as much as the horseman, from prehistory to the twenty first century.

Truthfully, knowing  the artistic history, knowing how horses were depicted in this or that time period or place, tells us a whole lot about the culture of man in that period or place. From value as a food source, willing worker and explorer, a partner in work, sport, symbol of status, to a symbol of living essence and spirit, horses have marched through the centuries right along with mankind, most often in the role of helper or source of inspiration, and just as often as a guide to the deeper values within man himself.

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Logo for Horse Art History in Ancient Civilizations.
 Ancient Civilizations

From cave paintings to other art
works of ancient civilizations, the
horse is a vital force in the life
of mankind.

Early Oriental Horse Art History logo.
Early Oriental

Tomb figures, pottery and
other examples of early
Oriental art are
museum treasures today.
Logo for Horse Art History in Medieval Times.
Medieval Times

The art of medieval
times makes it clear how
essential  horses were in
the daily life of both the rich
and the poor.
Logo for Horse Art History of the Renaissance.

Along with the Renaissance
came artists' interest in man,
plus an interest in horses
which was now frequently
depicted in art works.

Logo for Horse Art History of Baroque Times.
Baroque Age

The end of the Renaissance
flowed into the Baroque and
equine artwork along with equitation
became popular.
18th Century Horse Art History logo.
Eighteenth Century

The Eighteenth
century began to focus on
equine anatomy and the
accuracy of a horse's portrait.
19th Century Horse Art History logo.
Nineteenth Century Horse Art

Horses in artwork exploded in the
Nineteenth Century, along with
Thoroughbred racing, and the
formation of jockey clubs.
Modern Day Horse Art History logo.
 Modern World
(Coming Soon)

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