Stonewall Supreme
Saddlebred son of Stomewall King

by Ross Millin

Photo of Stonewall Supreme as champion Saddlebred in the show ring.  
Patricia Crane logo A famous son of the famous Saddlebred stallion Stonewall King.
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  Stonewall Supreme was surely the greatest of all Stonewall King Saddlebreds and an absolute proof that blood does tell!. He only had 139 registered get, but even today still has the highest % Kentucky State Fair broodmares, namely 28%. That means that almost 1/3 of all his mare foals bred a KSF Champion or Reserve Champion! Quite an achievement!

Four of the greatest modern sires namely Harlem Globetrotter ( New Yorker x Putting On Airs), Sultan's Great Day (Supreme Sultan x Supreme's Cassindra), Supreme Heir (Supreme Sultan x Supreme Airs) and Foxfire's Prophet (Radiant Sultan x Supreme Airs) all boast Stonewall Supreme blood from their dam's side.

By Stonewall King out of Mamie Peavine, he was a solid bay with no markings, bread by A. H.Sherron of Macon, Missouri and foaled on May 3, 1941.

When owned by Mr. B.P. Eddy of New Orleans, Louisiana he won major five gaited championships all over the south. After being purchased in 1950 by George Hess of Butler, Pennsylvania for $6000 he subsequently won several more Championships.

He was the sire of many show an breeding horses:

Supreme Aire, Penny Stonewall, Stonewall Parfait, Brenda Supreme, Genius Co-Ed, Stonewall Crescendo, Dixie Duchess, Browncrest Miracle, Supreme Desdemona, Stonewall's Sound of Music, Stonewall Starfire, etc.

Stonewall Supreme was by far the best stallion son of Stonewall King. He produced offspring better than himself. He was also a top show horse, but compared with his breeding success that appears pale. He was one of the major breed builders of the American Saddlebred.

His breeding career spanned over 27 years but he only sired 139 registered horses. An average of only five per year. Despite this he was No. 1 sire in the sire rating of Saddle and Bridle Magazine in 1969. Seven years previously he was consistently in the top 5. Twice he was second to Wing Commander and in 1979 was second to Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly.

Stonewall Supreme died at the age of 30 years on 6 December 1971.

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The USA is very lucky to have a grandson imported from South African Stonewall King breeding, Tornaado (Yokozuna x Sarah Lee) (SA) Tornaado (standing at KALARAMA) showed his breeding potential early by having sired two 2001 KSF ribbon winners in the Two Year Fine Harness Futurity namely, Dancing Up A Storm and Tornaado's Tidal Wave.

Photo of Saddlebred Fine Harness Champion Tornaado, who traces to Stomewall Supreme. Photo of South African Saddlebred Fine Harness Champion Perfect Timing who traces to Stonewall Supreme.
(SA) Tornaado. Photo by Ross Millin Perfect Timing. Photo by Fotojan

South Africa retains another (SA)Tornaado son, Perfect Timing, whose breeding career has just started and should be just as successful as his ancestors before him.

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