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Antique reproduction horse prints from England
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Horse Prints make lovely  art for home decor - Original Lithography or antique horse prints.


HORSE ART PRINTS: includes antique horse prints or an original lithograph, each is  a great solution for the horse-loving decorator.

LITHOGRAPH: First seen on the page below, is an original horse lithograph by the sculptor Patricia Crane whose life has been spent in involvement with horses, and in dedication and observation of the horse. This lithography is a limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist, to verify its authenticity.

ANTIQUE HORSE PRINTS: On down the page, below the lithograph, we also offer various reproductions of antique horse prints from England, each of which comes with a gilt frame.

Horse art prints adorning your walls, be it antique print or lithograph, depicting the living beauty of the horse always gives rooms of a house or office an amazing depth of character. Framed  art prints on the wall, make a statement about your individuality and love for the horse and also bring into your home your own individual connection to the behavior, strength, grace and natural movement of the horse. Horse art prints bring all that the horse symbolizes, and the richness of horses into our daily interior spaces.
"Original, Contemporary Lithograph"

Mare and foal origianl Lithographic Horse Prints by Patricia Crane

Summer Days

Summer Days depicts an idyllic scene - the long summer days when a mare and new foal,
virtually untouched by man, are allowed total liberty of the pasture.

Printed on embossed, acid free, 20 lb. cover, this lithograph has the traditional white
border and printed title, measuring 22 inches x 29 inches. It is a signed and numbered
edition of 500.

For those who collect Crane sculpture, or collect horse prints, this is a rare opportunity
as the artist seldom works in two dimensions these days.

Available at $95.00 or Two for $150

One Print     Two Prints

Actual Image sizes of the reproduction antique horse prints below, are stated under each. The frames
add to over all size and the frames vary, but all frames are reproductions of
antique gilt, period piece frames. If prints are not in stock, please allow
2 to 8 weeks shipping as they must then ship from England.

Gray Thoroughbred Horse Prints

Gray Thoroughbred in Stall - Sold

Classic horse prints of a Thoroughbred in his stall. The artist has used natural light from
the stable window to great effect, to highlight the horse and present the viewer with an
overall, good atmospheric feeling -- something common to horsemen then and now!

5x7 image size - $85.00 plus $20 for shipping in USA

Farm yard  horse prints - horses at liberty

Barn Yard Friends 

A typical British Barnyard of days gone by these horse prints show horses at ease, relaxing
on a day without work -- a common scene in barnyards of old with and pasture scenes
of today too, only with a different landscape.

5x7 image size - $85.00 plus $20 for shipping in USA.

Prints of bay horse in stable

Bay Horse in Stall

More horse prints "in stable" and typical of the time period -- this time of a grand
looking bay horse, with a bit more light on the scene, and rooster as a stable mate.

5x7 image size - $85.00 plus $20 for shipping in USA

Hunt scene print, bay horse and rider on foot

Bay Beauty, Ready to Go! - Sold

Horse prints depicting a marvelous looking hunter and his rider in a typical British landscape
of that time period. This horse is ready to go, but biddable to his rider's wishes.

8 x 10 image size - $165.00 plus $22 for shipping in USA.

Percheron draft horse prints

White Draft Horse - Sold

Horse prints of the popular British draught horse... notice the thatched roof, the
English sky and the care and attention to detail in the turnout of the horse.

5x7 image size - $85.00 plus $20 for shipping in USA.

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