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Life Size Horse Sculpture for a Museum

Life size horse sculpture
    Life Size Sculpture of "Supreme Sultan" - frontis piece for The American Saddlebred Museum.
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Life size horse sculpture has existed for thousands and thousands of years. Life size marble horses have pulled the chariots of the Gods of ancient civilizations, and have carried famous people into history beyond their lifetimes. Such works have preserved the spirit of power, elegance and freedom horses bring to the life of man. Life size sculpture seen against the sky has a magnificence of expression only equaled by real life horses. Since Egyptian times horses have been beloved for their personality and companionship as well as for services to human kind so it is not surprising that life size figures of the equine have continued to be popular.

The life size work by Patricia Crane is what first established her reputation as an international sculptor. Her bronze portraiture captures the individual personality as well as the precise individual anatomy and it is no wonder that full size sculpture was commissioned and valued. Many of her works are available for viewing by using the menu at the left. 

The Saddlebred stallion Supreme Sultan had already achieved international fame as a phenomenal sire of inestimable worth and brilliance. Sultan changed the history of his entire breed. The meeting of the sculptor and the stallion resulted in a now very well known life size bronze portrait, which is installed just outside the front doors of the American Saddlebred Museum in Kentucky. The record books overflow with the accomplishments of Sultan's progeny and he now lies buried beneath this bronze portrait (Photos below).

Supreme Sultan's carriage, poise and power as he trotted freely across his home fields, completely natural in every aspect, has been forever captured by Patricia Crane's work and enables the impact of this incredible stallion to be shared by each and every viewer into the long stretches of the future. The artwork is small payback for the elegance and spirit with which this grand individual equine star graced the lives of all those who knew him.

Life size horse sculpture portrait of the Saddlebred Stallion, Supreme Sultan, for the American Saddlebred Museum:

 Life size horse sculptures : A photo of Supreme Sultan for American Saddlebred Horse Museum.
Supreme Sultan Monument in front of the  Museum. Photo Ross Milin.

A stage in the creation of sculptures is a wax model.
Working on the 1/5 scale wax for the monument 
All photos © Patricia Crane
Life size sculptures are sometimes cast in plaster for more detailed correcting.
Correcting the plaster sections
in a New York foundry.
Life size sculptures always require welding.
Welding raw bronze sections together.

Life size horse sculptures: Supreme Sultan in front of the American Saddlbred Museum.
Supreme Sultan Life Size Bronze.  A true-life likeness of a famous
stallion that carries his conformational and personal presence
 into the future for all to see.  Photo by Ross Millin.
Life size sculptures of famous horses are always appreciated by visitors.
Thousands of visitors come annually to view the portrait
monument that marks the grave of Supreme Sultan, who
won hearts as well as accolades.  Ross Millin Photo.

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