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54mm Miniatures Metal Miniatures Toy Soldiers by Patricia Crane 
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"Toy Soldier" size metal miniatures collectible equine sculpture.

54mm miniatures , or metal miniatures were once quite the rage. Most commonly as toy soldiers, but also toy horses and other figures, these delightful pieces were the cherished possessions of children for generations. These rare pieces are now eagerly sought by adult collectors world-wide, their value soaring as their rarity has increased.

Created to the same 54mm miniatures scale as their antique inspirations, Patricia Crane metal miniatures are cast in fine pewter and intricately hand-painted. They are designed as multi-figure sets, each of which charmingly depicts a defining moment in the world of horses and  the show ring.

 54mm Miniatures Metal Toy Soldiers: Victory Pass

Victory Pass
The ultimate show ring moment

The class is over, trophy presented, the tricolor rosette has been pinned on the bridle, the roses placed across the withers. The assistant carries the trophy cup as horse and rider make a final, triumphant ride down the rail as they exit the arena to the cheers of an approving audience...The Champions.

Victory Pass is 54mm miniatures scale in three pieces, standing 3.25" with the rider aboard.

This Metal Miniatures set is $145.00 plus $10 shipping.

Collecting modern metal miniatures is now one of the fastest growing and enjoyable pursuits in the world of collectibles.

A collector of fine miniatures herself, Patricia imbues each figure with loving attention to detail and expression. Her intimate knowledge of horses and the show scene assures each set is accurate down to the bits of the bridle and each tiny horseshoe.

Crane 54mm miniatures will be issued on a continuing basis in both a "Show Ring" series and a "Stable Row" series.

Coming  54mm Metal Miniatures

Show Ring Series:
- Equitation Line-Up
- Presentation
- Grooms In
- Saddles Off
- On the Rail
- Workout
Stable Row Series:
- Best Friends
- Hot Walk
- Spit and Shine
- Braids
- Daily Chores
- Vet's Visit
- Blacksmith

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