Model horses

for sale & to paint.

Model Horses, orginal resin horses by Patrica Crane
Model Horses logo  Artist  model horse resins to paint, by sculptor Patricia Crane.
The art of sculpting model horses for sale, and providing resin model horses to paint has grown by leaps and bounds since the 1960's.  Discerning collectors will delight in these very special resins added to the Crane Collectible family of artwork.

Premier, sculpted by Crane, painted by Boydston.
Photo and painting by Caroline Boydston

6 inches tall x 6 inches long

Premier is a show off through and through.
He stands at attention to welcome all viewers... a definite crowd pleaser.

Premier unpainted resins - $115.00 plus shipping.


Premier: models for sale and to paint: sample horses painted by Kathy Mckenzie.

Palomino Premier Premier Pinto

Applause Model
Photo and painting by Caroline Boydston

10 inches tall x 11 inches long, to tail tip.

Applause is a vivid portrayal of the beauty and performance of
The Five Gaited American Saddlebred at a full racking gait.

Patricia has imbued this scale model with the same thrilling detail and life like
expression found in her internationally renowned bronzes.

Anatomically correct in every way, yet full of the fire and spirit of a show ring
champion. Applause will satisfy the demanding standards of model horse collectors.

Unpainted resins --- $ 185.00 plus shipping


Applause:models for sale and to paint: sample horses painted by Kathy Mckenzie.

Dappled Gray Applause Bay Applause.
Palomino Applause Pinto Applause


from Child's Play to Formal Competition

The modern day hobby of Model Horses began in the 1950's and 1960's when Breyer Company began to manufacture realistic toys and horse-crazy kids began collecting them. These children grew to adulthood, staunchly refused to give up their Breyers, and are still collecting model horses today along with the younger generations of fans whose numbers increasingly multiply. They seek out
models for sale and resins to paint, and look for artist model resins created by sculptors, which are far different from the more corporate creations.

The hobby of collecting has grown to include worldwide collectors who show their favorites in classes at live shows (using a tabletop as a show ring). There are also photo shows for those who do not wish the inconvenience of leaving home to show their model horse. Winning depends not only on the quality of sculpting but on "how to paint".  Sale pages online are visited often.

The NAMSHA (North American Model Horses Show Association) sanctions and publicizes live shows  as well as hosting the annual North American Nationals. Another yearly event, attended by thousands, is Breyerfest, held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

The hobbyist of today acquires a model show ring hopeful in one of two ways :

1) They customize stock horses for sale from the larger commercial companies then repaint and even alter the figure into a new pose;

2) or, they purchase artist original resins model for sale from a professional sculptor who creates limited editions.  In this instance they do the "finishing" themselves and paint them or pay professional painters.

There are even professional makers of tack and accessories. The internet itself is flooded with information on "The Hobby".

© All Photos and Sculpture Copyright 2000 - 2017, Patricia Crane.