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Morgan horse art gifts trace their beginning to the establishment of the breed itself, with a little horse named Figure, and since then the prowess of the breed for so many tasks and the beauty of these horses has inspired art work across ensuing generations.

It is no wonder Morgan horses art gifts are treasured and sought after. We hope you enjoy the selection below and check out all the site pages for our other unique items.

Morgan Horse Art Resin Sculpture

We invite you to view delightful sculpture of Morgan horses in the Resin Horses Sculpture Gallery.  The resin sculptures look totally wonderful in any room of the house or office and are also often used as show trophies and awards.  The base is even slanted for placement of engraved plates.

You might also wish to view Fine Prints, or Porcelain Sculpture of Morgan horses or the Bronze Sculpture Gallery.

Figure , the horse who began the breed, was born in 1879 and owned by the school teacher Justin Morgan The small stallion, later known by his owner's name, had greatness within him. Known for his beauty, endurance, strength, soundness and brilliance at any task, his fame grew.

While most breeds develop by breeding horses of similar characteristics to each other, Justin Morgan's ability to pass his characteristics to his offspring for generations to come allowed this single stallion to found an entire breed in his likeness. and today every Morgan traces back to him, through his best-known sons Bulrush, Sherman and Woodbury.

Easily recognized, Morgan Horses art gifts, be it the horse or the work of artist's the horse has inspired, own a proud carriage, upright graceful neck, and distinctive elegant head with expressive prominent eyes, large nostrils and rounded jaw. The ears are short, shapely, wide set, carried alertly.

Their bodies are deep and compact with well-sprung ribs, close coupling, and strongly muscled quarters. The throatlatch is slightly deeper than that of other breeds and the top line of the neck should be longer than the bottom line. This horse helped the colonists build American and today are prized family members as well as show horses.

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