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Raku Horse Sculpture by Patricia Crane. 
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Rare original raku horse sculpture by Patricia Crane

A Raku Horse of this quality is very rare and orders can only be filled as each sculpture is created. The first Raku firing of clay objects was developed in 16th century and was associated with the traditional tea ceremony. This fine art process is known for its unique metallic surface effects. Each has a totally different color and texture pattern and a fine crackled surface is desirable. Also, any tong marks left on the surface of the final surviving sculpture is even more desirable. Each raku-firing is a one-of-a-kind art object. Absolutely no color preferences can be considered when ordering.

Raku is created by firing glazed bisque ware in a gas kiln then taken red hot from kin, and placed in a closed reduction chamber filled with combustible material, where it smolders and smokes as it cools. This process brings out the unique colors and finishes found in art form and also insures a high percentage of loss especially using the shape of  horses which has a variation in the thickness of the clay walls, from chest to nose and ear tips. A firing that survives the process is a real achievement and a rare and lovely collector's item.

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Raku Horse head,  Encore
 Photo By Mike Davis

"Legacy" or "Encore" (Encore shown) as Raku

(to see Porcelain photo of Legacy, visit the Porcelain Horses
Section of the website.)

$750.00 plus shipping

Raku lying down foal
 Photo By Mike Davis

"Promise" as Raku

$750.00 plus shipping

Please note: Because of the nature of Raku-firing it is impossible to specify color preferences, and
they may be quite different than depicted in these photos.

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