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Resin Horse Mare and foal by Patricia Crane

  Resin horse logo By the same sculptor who created life size bronzes for the Kentucky Horse Park.
View our gallery collection of Resin Horse Sculpture by Patricia Crane, below:

In offering this Resin Horse Sculpture Collection, Patricia hopes each will be enjoyed by others at least half as much as she has enjoyed creating it.

As an equine sculptor, Patricia has worked for decades in bronze sculpture, with life size works in front of museums and smaller works in public and private collections across the world. The resin horse sculpture collection, offered below, is a more recent involvement. The skill of incorporating new sculpture materials to express the important values in life and heart are the task of each generation of skilled artists. The point here is that resin or any material can be made to sing the song of the horse if care and skill are equally engaged.


Resin  horse -portrait of Supreme Sultan.
Supreme Sultan Resin Portrait Sculpture

A resin portrait of the famous stallion makes this
a rare collectible
Resin Show Horse sculpture edition titled Flare.
Resin Show Horse

A beautifully detailed resin portrays the head set of  show horses in motion.
Resin horse Sculpture edition titled Nocturne.

Each resin is hand-painted. The commercial stains most use for a "quick" finish are not ever employed.
Resin horse, an edition of a foal titled Prelude.
Resin Foal Figurines

This resin foal is a sculpture to delight any horseman's eye.
Resin horse sculpture edition titled Sonata.
Artist Resin Horses Sculpture

The expressive detail in this resin sculpture speaks to anyone who has been lucky enough to experience partnership with a horse.
Resin Horses Sculpture as a Set: stallion, mare and colt.
Resin Horses Set

Nocturne, Sonata and Prelude
Hand-painting combined with the work of a well-known sculptor makes each  resin in this set unique.  A grouping of three is offered.

Arabian resin horse titled Dalla Luce Hand painted resin horse, chestnut color Arabian resin horse sculputre set, mare and foal
Arabian Resin Horse Art "Dalla Luce"  Arabian resin horses, sculpture in white or chestnut, or as a set with a foal.

The flexibility of resin as a casting material allows the sculpture to retain the finest of detail. Crane's collection of resin  sculpture offers a greatly affordable alternative to the more permanent commitment of bronze, while presenting no limit to her style and quality of sculpting..

Each resin is available to the personal collector or as sculpture trophies and awards. More breeds will be added as the sculptor's time permits. A thumbnail of each resin horse sculpture is presented above. Click on titles to view large photos of each plus  prices, measurements, and a secure shopping cart to make your shopping easier.

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