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Arabian Art by Patricia Crane. 
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Arabian Horse Art

Our selection of Arabian Art , or Arabian gifts, created by a long time artist and sculptor, begins below, with the Arab resin sculpture which was created because so many people requested of Patricia Crane that she sculpt an Arabian that would actually capture the nobility, purity, and ancient characteristics that are still expressed by the individuals of this marvelous breed today.

This site area highlights the genre of Arabian art in its own right and is as popular as the magnificent breed itself.

Just as magical today as throughout the centuries, this ancient horse breed inspires an artist to create paintings, sculpture, or ceramics and portray the breed in all art media The grace, elegance and timeless heritage of noble Arabian continues to enrich our lives both in the living horses and in the art world.  As a long time artist who has spent a life time in the stable, Patricia took especial delight in creating this particular art bust.

Arabian Horse Art edition: Dalla Luce sculpture.

Dalla Luce
The royalty of pure but ancient blood lines coupled with the steadfast
presence of innocence speaks clearly through the eyes and body gestures
of this Arabian --  such gifts and a living art form these horses offer so exquisitely
to their human partners!
Arabian Art: Chestnut sculpture by the artist.
Dalla Luce is also available as a chestnut by special order and requiring some time. Please email the artist if chestnut is your choice.
Arabian Art 1/5 scale resin sculpture.

Dalla Luce - $150 plus shipping
(Color is white)

Arabian Art: Mare and foal set.

Dalla Luce and Foal, as a set of two.
Buy both sculptures by this artist as a set, for $230.00 plus shipping.

To buy the foal only, please click here to visit the Resin Sculpture page for the foal's shopping cart.

Sculpture of Arabian Horse gifts or as trophies or awards.

The purity of line of Classic Arabian Horses is captured in this resin sculpture, created by the same sculptor who has done life size bronze portraits for the Kentucky Horse Park. This resin sculpture has been lovingly sculpted and brings the alive presence of the Arabian to any interior room. Each resin is also hand-painted - no quick commercial stains are used.  The sides of the base are slanted for easy attachment of engraved plates, in the event the sculpture is used as a trophy or award.  This sculpture looks absolutely elegant in any room and on any piece of furniture!  It is also signed by the artist.

The origins of the first Arabian Horses are not known to us today, but there is no doubt at all that the Arabian is one of the oldest breeds in the world and came into existence around 4,000 years ago!  Keeping this in mind, it should be no surprise that this ancient breed has influenced many other types and breeds of horses during the centuries. The Arabian has long been used to add quality and refinement, not to mention stamina to other types and breeds as they developed. The genetic influence of the Arabian is strong indeed.

Almost anyone in horses is familiar with the high forehead, dished face and clean limbs of Arabian horses. The consistent stamina of the breed has long been proven and it is so even today, as the Arabian and part Arabian are dominant in endurance riding. The Arabian is found in most countries of the world and is popular in many riding disciplines other than endurance riding. They are shown in many classes both English and Western, from English Park classes to English pleasure, to cutting and reining, dressage, jumping and even Arabian racing, and in both open and breed shows. Arabian horses excel in a wide variety of activities and have long been reputed to form strong bonds of attachment to their owners or handlers.

The characteristic dished face of the Arabian provides more than the definition of beauty of line, as this dished facial shape also allows the horse better frontal vision. If you think about it, a high central ridge would lessen anyone's vision!
The Arabian also possesses a large eye, and again, other than beauty and the appearance of kindness and intelligence we humans ascribe to Arabian horses, a large eye set high on a wide forehead allows a greater lateral vision and the ability to see things approaching from the rear sooner than otherwise. Mother Nature provided, in the Arabian, a horse that stands on its own merits but one that from the beginning of its origins has improved the result of any outcross, and this genetic strength of the Arabian is perhaps most famously acknowledged in the creation the Thoroughbred horse in the 17th and 18th centuries. In some countries, exceptional examples of the Arabian have been and are considered national treasures.

Arabian art is only one reflection of how beloved these horses are in most countries of the globe so it is no wonder that art work and Arabian horse gifts highlighting this breed are produced by artists and collected and treasured.

© All Photos and Sculpture Copyright 2000 - 2017, Patricia Crane.