Artist Resin Horses , all originals, by Patricia Crane
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The term "Artist Resin Horses" or even just simply "Artist Resin", in the area of creating or collecting, denotes the use of a modern material used by an artist who is a professional sculptor to create an original. This is not mass production resin and extreme attention to the detail of horses, plus realism with proper proportions and conformation is expected.

During a 40 year career, Patricia Crane's sculpture has been cast in the traditional lost wax method of bronze and has been collected world wide and is in museum as well as private collections. Her creation of Artist Resin Horses was a personal decision based on her strong wish to see quality sculpture in the lives of a greater number of people than those who commission bronze. These days, Artist Resin Horses have become highly valued by collectors in many countries and Patricia's detailed horse-heads are also used in shows and events around the world as trophies and year end awards.

The Artist Resin below is titled "Sonata" and a shopping cart is provided for convenience.  The quality of each of the horses is personally maintained by the sculptor, and each resin is also hand-painted with NO use of commercial stains for the purpose of speedy mass production. You may also request a price for custom painting.  Price of custom painting these Artist Resin Horses depends on complexity of colors (so pricing varies).  Or order as is in the photo below.

Artist Resin horses Sculpture, titled  Sonata,  by Patricia Crane.


The arching neck, liquid eye and elegant form of this mare reflect
the finest of bloodlines.

Sonata is 10 inches tall x 8 inches on a 5 inch square base.

$ 150.00 plus shipping.

Sonata is a Patricia Crane original Artist Resin, signed by the artist.

For multiple orders of Artist Resin Horses as trophies , year end or corporate awards, please email early advising us of your proposed deadline. Due the nature of how these are created, large multiple orders can seldom be delivered immediately.

Continuing the expression of an ages long relationship between man and horses,  Artist Resin Horses are but another sculptural medium used by a professional to portray the grace, beauty and spirit of horses.

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