Horse Statues
  Patricia Crane logo for Statues For almost as long as our history on this planet, statues  of horses have graced the world of man.

Resin horse statues by an accomplished artist,  depict our love of horses and what this means to us, both personally and as a symbol.  

As a sculptor  of horses,  and one who has enjoyed an international reputation, Patricia has created "statues" in bronze, porcelain, raku, resin, and pewter. Links to other statues and individual resin horse statues are provided at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

In the edition of resin horse statues below, titled "Nocturne", Patricia's usual use of light and shadow, and the depiction of the combination of the strength, elegance and spirit of horses that comprise her usual trademark, is clearly displayed. A shopping cart is provided below for convenience of single orders.
Resin Statue, titled Nocturne.

The stallion is a combination of power and grace as he surveys his world.

Nocturne is 11 1/2 inches tall x 8 3/4 inches wide on a 5 inch square base.

$155 plus shipping.

Nocturne is a Patricia Crane original resin horse statue, signed by the sculptor.

Equine statues are on our city streets, and in our buildings as tangible images of both our childhood and adulthood fascination. The attempt of the sculptors of each generation to make this gracefulness, this elegance combined with strength, and the deep sense of the freedom and energy of this magnificent creature into concretely tangible statues
is part of our history.

Please email for further information regarding the desire to purchase this or any of the resin horse statues in multiples as awards or trophies.

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