A Resin Show Horse sculpted by Patricia Crane
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The "Resin Show Horse" displayed below is a show winner in perfect form, and is one design in a diverse gallery of resin horses created by an internationally known sculptor.

This particular resin show champion edition of castings is titled "Flare".  Each comes hand-painted although you are welcome to inquire about the additional cost of custom painting to suit your wishes.  You might also wish to use a link, offered lower on this page, to view all of the resin designs offered and/or available.
Resin Show Champion by Patricia Crane.

With a winning personality, strong character and a noble nature, this brilliant
show champion wins blue ribbons as well as the hearts of the public.

Flare measures 8 1/2 inches tall 4 1/2 inches long, on a 4 inch square base.

$120.00 plus shipping.


Flare is a Patricia Crane original resin, signed by the sculptor.

The Flare resin is every inch the show winner!  Patricia's long history of bronzes that depict the show performers, now includes resin casting too. This newer material holds the fine detail of her work and has allowed greater numbers of people to live their daily lives with the enjoyment of fine artwork.  The resin show star has become very, very popular and is collected and enjoyed by many.  Flare has also been given as  show trophies and year end awards.

If awards and large orders of multiples are needed for a show, please order early keeping in mind that quality is the keyword here, in the production of each and every resin.  The sculpting is achieved with the same care and attention to the aliveness of horses that is typical of this sculptor's work.

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