Three Resin Horses in a Group
  Patricia Crane logo Resin horses lovingly created by a sculptor with an international reputation.

Each of these resin horses is created with attention to detail and the demands of good sculpture.  Each resin horse is hand-painted. Nothing is massed produced in Patricia's studio and the commercially used stains most often used to 'color' resins quickly are never employed. . The same detail and skills that made "Crane" a known and valued name internationally as a bronze sculptor of horses, is the same detail and skill that give life to each resin she sculpts.

The trio of resin horses below includes a mare, a stallion and a foal. All are to scale, approximately 1/5 life size and the honesty of proportion Patricia always employs lends to each the feel of real life horses for the viewer. As a trio, the statement is quite wonderful. Each carries the trademark characteristic of Patricia's work. Each is signed. Each makes a strong statement as a stand alone piece, yet as a set these three can be viewed from any angle with delight.

Nocturne, Sonata and Prelude as a Family of Resin Horses Resins as a Set of Horses - stallion, mare and foal.

Buy all three resin horses as a Set
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Each of the resin horses is a Crane original, signed by the artist.

It is the normal pursuit of any accomplished artist to use the materials of man's invention to express art and spirit, and man does seem to keep inventing new materials. These originals by Crane are just such an expression. Although known for her bronzes , resin horses continue to be a favorite of many collectors of Patricia's work, around the world.

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