Saddlebred Stallion Supreme Sultan Portrait

   Saddlebred Supreme Sultan resin logo A Collectible resin, of a truly great American Saddlebred
The Supreme Sultan portrait bust in resin has an interesting background .  Supreme Sultan was outstanding as an individual and was one of the greatest and most gifted of Saddlebred sires, altering the record book and the future of the entire American Saddlebred breed forever with his talented sons and daughters.

The sculptor Patricia Crane was commissioned by Ruxer Farms, the home of Supreme Sultan,  to create a life size portrait bronze which was installed in front of American Saddlebred Museum, in Lexington, Kentucky and the stallion lies buried beneath his bronze portrait.

The Supreme Sultan sculpture, below, was created by the same sculptor to duplicate the head, neck and shoulders of the life size monument of Supreme Sultan.

The popularity and fame of the bronze has increased throughout the years, as has the genetic influence of this superior Saddlebred stallion and through the years many expressed interest that this duplicate in less costly material should be created.

The Supreme Sultan portrait below,  is 1/5 life size scale and is most assuredly a Saddlebred collector's piece.

Supreme Sultan Saddlebred Resin Horse sculpture by Patricia Crane.

The carriage, poise and power of Supreme Sultan, were always on view
as he trotted freely across his home fields, completely natural in every respect.

The Supreme Sultan bust is 11 inches tall, including a 5 inch square base.

$150 plus shipping.

Sorry, but the Supreme Sultan edition has sold out! Photo is still displayed because
those who collected the work, disliked its absence in the online portrayal of the
resin collection.



This "Supreme Sultan" portrait is a Patricia Crane original sculpting, signed by the artist.

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