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Saddlebred Horse Rescue efforts are always welcome in this world of ours. In America, unlike some countries, horses are not eaten and not used in pet food, yet there is profit to be made in slaughtering horses for meat so it happens every day. Most horse slaughterhouses in the US are foreign owned and many are transported from here to Canada for slaughter. The process of slaughtering a horse is quite brutal, it's a totally terrifying process for the living horse and too often involves physical suffering as well, in spite of assurances by the slaughterhouses to the contrary. You would not wish to read the description. Saddlebred Horse Rescue efforts need the support of all horse people of the world and all humane people of the world.

Ferdinand, the 1086 Kentucky Derby winner was slaughtered. Exceller, the Hall of Fame champion Thoroughbred was slaughtered. What the individual horse may have given to the world in excellence, greatness of heart, or previous service to humanity, does not matter to those who value an individual equine by weight of meat. Horses of all ages are slaughtered: race horses, show horses, pleasure horses, horse who have carried the handicapped, an of course mares used in the production of Premarin and their foals. All sincere Saddlebred Horse Rescue efforts need the support of caring human beings!

Every year Saddlebreds are sold by owners who often believe the horse is headed to a new loving home. A number of them however end up in trucks on their way to slaughterhouses. What follows, outlines the formation of Saddlebred Rescue, Inc an organization that was begun and has grown because a very small number of people "cared" and put their caring into action and also came up with one very logical and common sense solution to this ongoing slaughter disgrace. The goal of Saddlebred Rescue, Inc is to make a difference by educating the public, fundraising, and the rehabilitation of rescues. Also in assisting with the placement and care of both horse rescue and privately owned Saddlebreds.

Over the past year or two, SOS's for Saddlebreds in need of rescue started popping up with greater frequency on a popular internet, Saddlebred discussion forum . As more and more attention was drawn to these rescue situations, it was determined that a more organized clearinghouse needed to be developed.

As this effort picked up steam, Christy Parker, a trainer in Brunswick, GA, created a new 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. along with a corresponding web site

At the same time, New Jersey trainer Nealia McCracken and her customer Pat Johnson began to spend their Mondays at looking for Saddlebreds in need, most destined to go to slaughterhouses and the effort grew. Karen Medicus of Rockport, Indiana (home of many current WC and WGC) has worked tirelessly. Many people probably deserved to have their names mentioned, and the list now grows.

These Saddlebreds in need of horse rescue were for the most part horses that were discarded from earlier lives in the Saddlebred show horse industry . They are now returning to that industry not as freeloaders or welfare cases but as a vital part of serving the industry as lesson horses, while being allowed to live outand enjoy their lives, and to be one day euthanized rather than slaughtered - two very different process with vesting different experiences from the perspective of the horse!

From the beginning the funding for Saddlebred Rescue, Inc has come from grassroots with people donating $5 & $10 when they can . With the growth and success of rehabilitating and placement as lesson horses, it is now time for people who benefit from and enjoy showing Saddlebreds to step up and stop American Saddlebreds from going to slaughter. STOP THE CYCLE - FROM THE SHOW RING TO THE DINNER PLATE, NOW!

The value given to so many by the few people who saw a need and acted to form Saddlebred Rescue, Inc is vast when you think about it: the saving of life: protecting the life of our horses to have a life: returning useful and healthy horses to benefit riding programs and humans: is a humane and common sense approach and therefore brilliant. These few people, now joined by the needed giving of others, benefits all of us who share this world. Perhaps the idea and action of the originators of Saddlebred Rescue can also benefit all horse rescue organizations. This sculptor and horse lover says THANK YOU!

Saddlebred Horse Rescue client Blaze
Blaze - Before
Saddlebred Horse Rescue restores Blaze to health
Blaze - After

Saddlebred Horse Rescue clients at a show demonstration.
Two Rescued and Rehabilitated by Saddlebred Rescue

Saddlebred Horse Rescue always needed.
My hip number and rough coat said one thing. My heart and Saddlebred Rescue said, "WHY?"

Please visit the site and help as you are able. Pass the word!!
No amount is too small. A pledge of just $5 per month can quickly add up! Donations of time, money, and stalls are always welcome. Transportation assistance from sales and rescue facilities to new homes is also needed. Donations of money, equipment, and horses to Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible.

Adoption Form, doc

Downloadable Brochure, pdf, easy to download, print & pass out at shows and club meetings. Help the cause, join the effort.

Make Checks Payable to: Saddlebred Rescue, Inc.
Rt 1 Box 565, Hortense, Ga 31543
Phone 888-ISaved1 (1 888 472-8331)

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