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Equine Color Genetics in Horse History - How color and patterns appear in horses.
Supreme Sultan - A stallion who changed the future of his breed.

SADDLEBRED EQUINE ARTICLES - an index of equine articles from Saddle & Bridle

Equine Articles: Horse Training
Wisdom of Smith Lilly - Horse training tips by a trainer of WGC Saddlebreds.
A Healthy Fear of Horses - In training and teaching there is a healthy fear to be encouraged.
An Unhealthy Fear of Horses - When fear gets in the way of training and riding horses.
Overmounting and Peer Pressure - Riding too much horse is never the answer to success.
Safety and Negligence - A check list for safety in riding and training horses.
Develop your Leg Aids - Part One - The importance of developing leg aids for training horses.
Exercises for Leg Aids - Part Two - Great exercises for the rider's fitness.
Thoughts about Riding Helmets - Safety and liability in horseback riding.
Saddle Seat Equitation Overview - Equitation is an exacting discipline.

Equine Articles: Horse Care
Horses and Stalkers - Horse Care and Security, with theft and stalkers.
Horses at Home - Things to think about before you decide to care for a horse at home.
Your Stable Team - The care of many is often needed for the health of a horse.
Horse Care and New Technology - Advances in Technology aid in horse care.
Horsemen Need Good Neighbors - Sometimes a good neighbor can save your horse.
City Carriage Horses - Carriages horses in cities are not abused!
Horse Care in Hot Weather - How to care for horses in hot humid weather.
Death of Horse or Owner - Preparing for eventualities so all are protected.
Helping to Rescue Horses - Rescuing horses in need is caring.
Barn Fires and the Loss of Horses - Tips on preventing barn fires.
Ride Rain or Shine - Showing horses regardless of the weather.

Equine Articles: Horse History
The Ringo and Tom Bass - the equine history of The Ringo Hotel and horseman Tom Bass.
Anglo Rex Peavine - Historical facts of horses lost and gained in a lifetime.
Dr Newberry a Past and Present History with Horses - a lifetime with horses.
Last Call for Belle Beach - An upcoming book about the historical horsewoman extraordinaire.
Saddlebreds of England - The British tell American tourists about the American Saddlebred!
Playboy - How a horse can influence our own life history and growth.
Arthur Simmons Legendary Horseman - Famous Saddlebred trainer, Arthur Simmons, an ongoing legacy.
Arthur Simmons - Part Two - Horse trainer and the Chicago Gangster !
Lee Shipman: Kentucky Hall of Fame Trainer - A lifetime of training champion horses.
The Year that Was: 1956 - What were the featured show horse stories in the year 1956
Ed Teater - Part of a Horseman's Dynasty - A life in the show world from World champion trainer to executive.
Jane & Lee Fahey - Show World Giants - History of a married team in the horse world, setting all time records.
Yesterday's Horse Shows - Retrospective of features of the time, from 1913 to 1970.
Saddlebreds in Scandinavia - How one American horse breed captured hearts in Scandinavia.
A Model Horse Collector Ahead of His Time - Before Breyer horses there was M. B. Mervis.
Jim Tapp, Top Horse Trainer of His Day - His name was once a household word.
John Hook, Horse Trainer - Trainer of Easter Cloud and Grand McDonald and many more.
Ted Macklin: A Life Time as a Horse Trainer (Part One) - A life time with Saddlebreds.
Ted Macklin - Part Two in the life of a Trainer - The history of a happy life continued.
Bill Cunningham Remembered - A famous judge, trainer and well-respected horseman.
Horsemen of The Barham Family - Horse Trainers Christian and Eddie Barham.

TALES OF THE HORSE - By John Reismiller
A Horse Story - A Fable.
Phar Lap: The Greatest Race Horse Ever.
El Cid - The Supreme War Horse of Spain.
Cavalry Horse - Hail to the Chief, the last War Horse.
Pegasus - the winged horse of mythology.

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