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John Reismiller
John Reismiller
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History of Horses through tales and stories written by John Reismiller

History of horses, as stories and tales have accompanied man's history for centuries. Horses have been an excellent partner and have willingly applied their energy and ability to most things man has asked. Horses have been a willing asset for farming, and food gathering, hunting, war, stylish transportation, and a show and sporthorse. When a day's work is completed they have been willing to be a good companion and a source for pleasure and inspiration. Horses have often carried our dreams.

In the long history of horses, they have been a symbol of many things for many people: elegance and style, power, spirit, and above all a symbol of freedom and the energy of life force itself. There are many volumes of words in written history, in articles, essays, stories, and tales, filling many volumes. Horses abound in the history of painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry and all of the graphic arts, dating from the cave-painting days of man to the present, all of which tell tales of their own.  Horses are historically  present in all the myths and a favorite of the Gods; in some cases they have even been considered to be a God.  Man has told many tall tales about his favorite steed, and the fame of this or that equine has often become a legend in man's own

Art by Crane is proud to host a few copyrighted essays by writer John Reismiller. These tales fall into the broad category "History of Horses".

Tales : a fable A Horse Story - A tale in the form of fable
Phar Lap history story Phar Lap, the Greatest Racehorse Ever
El Cid history  - Sculpture by Anna Huntington El Cid and Babieca - The Supreme War Horse of Spain
( Very Famous history of horses and a great tale)
Tales of Last Cavalry war horse. Hail to the Chief
(History tale of The Last of the Cavalry's  War Horses)
History tales - Roman emperor. Caligula and the Legendary Steed Incinatus
(A history tale of a Roman Emperor and his favorite equine)
Tales and history myth of Pegasus. Pegasus - A tale of myth and history

Bronze image of Pegasus:  courtesy of Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna
Top Banner image above is from Trumpeter, plate from Carrousels, course de tetes et de bagues, Paris, 1727/43
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