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Online ordering is secure, safe and easy. Be assured we do not sell or share customer information in any way. For those items that are ready to ship and that do not require additional and extensive hands-on work by the artist, a shopping cart and encryption (SSL) technology has been provided for your convenience, to allow safe and secure Visa and Master Card charges online. Look for the shopping cart box displayed beside each of these products.

For those items that do require more extensive labor and longer shipping times, orders may be placed by emailing Patricia or by calling 765-288-0484. Payment for such orders may be charged by phone, or a check or money order may be sent by postal service mail. Items requiring more time include porcelain, raku and bronze sculpture.

Each inquiry or order is handled personally by Patricia Crane in order to insure both good service and your complete privacy.

If there are any questions at all, please contact the artist!

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